Jake Worthington at Faster Horses Festival: A Preview

By on June 10, 2024

As the summer sun blazes over the Michigan International Speedway, the Faster Horses Festival is gearing up for its grand return with a lineup that promises to deliver the heart of country music straight to its passionate fans. Among the constellation of stars set to grace the stage is Jake Worthington, a name that resonates with the raw authenticity and soulful spirit of the genre.

File Photo: Jake Worthington performs at the Two Step Inn Festival 2024. (Copyright 2024 Larry Philpot,/ Soundstage Photography)

Jake Worthington, a Texas native, carries the torch of traditional country music with a modern flair that has captured the hearts of fans across the nation. His journey to the spotlight is one of perseverance and pure talent. From his early days playing in local bars to his pivotal breakthrough on the sixth season of ‘The Voice,’ where he finished as a runner-up, Worthington has honed his craft with the grit and grace of a true country artist. Onstage Country had a chance to catch his set at the Two Step Inn festival last month, and he’s just great!

His discography, though modest, is a testament to his dedication to the genre. With a voice that can both soothe and electrify, Worthington’s singles like “State You Left Me In” showcase his ability to convey deep emotion and storytelling through music. His self-titled debut album, released under Big Loud Records, is a collection of tracks that are both a nod to the past and a step into the future of country music.

File Photo: Jake Worthington performs at the Two Step Inn Festival 2024. (Copyright 2024 Larry Philpot,/ Soundstage Photography)

At the Faster Horses Festival, fans can expect Jake Worthington to deliver performances that are both intimate and explosive. His set will likely be a blend of his well-loved hits and new material that continues to define him as one of country music’s most promising talents. As he steps onto the “Next From Nashville” stage, there’s no doubt that Worthington will leave an indelible mark on the festival, offering a glimpse into the soul of country music and the heart of a true Texan troubadour.

So, as we count down the days to the festival, let’s raise our glasses to Jake Worthington, a beacon of traditional country music, and get ready to experience the stories he’ll tell and the memories he’ll create at this year’s Faster Horses Festival. See you there, country music fans!

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