Backstory: Look What You’ve Done To Me

By on January 21, 2023

“Look What You’ve Done to Me” is a classic song by Boz Scaggs and David Foster, released in 1980. It is a soulful ballad that captures the feeling of the singer suddenly finding himself deeply in love, but apprehensive of it’s ramifications. Like a pet owner who, after losing a pet, vows never to go through it again because of the inevitable pain it can bring.

Boz Scaggs in performance in Huber Heights, Ohio on August 14th, 2022. (Photo: Larry Philpot)

The song’s melody features a backing piano track that showcases the talent of Foster that adds to the song’s emotional intensity. It’s a perfect vehicle for the soulful, deeply smooth vocals that Boz Scaggs is known for.

According to comments made by both Scaggs and Foster, the song was written and recorded in one night after a movie studio called asking the duo to write a song for the scene, informing them the scene was to be filmed the following day, and the track needed to be on a courier plane the following morning.

Foster said that Scaggs wasn’t happy with any of the music he played that evening until the night was almost over. When Foster played the intro chords that became the trademark beginning of the song, Scaggs said, “That’s it.”

The studio version was a veritable Who’s Who of musical talent. A couple of the Porcaro brothers from Toto, Steve Lukather, also from Toto, in addition to Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Frey and instrumentation from Don Felder — all from the Eagles provided this soundtrack to ……wait for it…… Urban Cowboy.

Catch this video of a live performance:

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