Ethereal Indie Rock from Bel-la with new single, “Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back”

By on August 8, 2022

Los Angeles-based Artist Bel-la showcases her original brand of ethereal indie rock on the powerful new single with a universal theme of loss – “Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back”, out July 13 via Dame Dash‘s BLUROC RecordsBel-la’s vocals are captivating and almost dream-like, even when singing about heartbreak or sadness, and the music is appropriately atmospheric and driving. The results is both understated and profound. 

Based on her artistic approach, it’s no surprise that Bel-la finds much of her inspiration and songwriting ideas in dreams. Whether someone close to you has passed away or you’ve experienced the loss of a serious relationship, the music and lyrics should relate to nearly everyone. Musically, this darker shade of Indie Rock should appeal to fans of Wolf AliceLana Del ReySt. Vincent and Hope Sandoval.

“The inspiration for this song was really the sentiment of loss in general, loved ones passing, relationships ending etc and how even though these things are no longer in a physical form they still exist so strongly all around us and in our memories, and the fabric of our vast lives.”

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Artist Biography:

Bella is an LA based songwriter, singer and guitarist who blends indie rock and ethereal vibes.

From an early age guitar was the instrument of choice, starting with lessons in modern guitar and then many years studying classical guitar.
But it was a deep love of indie rock music that saw her form and join various bands. Ultimately, it is the process of writing, experimenting and creating original music that has prevailed.

“It is an ongoing quest to create music which is both unique and beautiful”

Her songs have been placed on TV in the USA but were never available commercially.
It wasn’t until meeting Damon Dash last year that she started thinking of finishing music for commercial release and making a full-length album. “We met during the pandemic and I started going to Dame’s studio to jam and play guitar. Every Thursday we would rehearse and people would try out their songs and we would also just jam. I love the artists on his roster and it was super fun to hang out and play live music, especially since there was very little else to do.”

Originally from New Zealand and the daughter of a mixed race family (Swedish Father and Indian/English Mother) she resonates with racial issues and feels right at home with the Bluroc records community.

Her songs are inspired by dreams, visions and the challenges life throws our way.

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