Maryland Experimental Rock Band The Earthly Frames mix melody with melancholy on new album “Taped Over”

By on March 7, 2023

Maryland Experimental Rock Band The Earthly Frames mix melody with melancholy to great success on the new album “Taped Over.” The album captures the many layers of founder and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Walsh’s original musical vision. Not only does Gabriel handle Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Harmonium, and Drums. He also enlisted the help of a bevy of collaborators, who contributed Fiddle (Neil FitzGibbon), Accordion (Daire Mulhearn), Uilleann Pipes (David Stone), Harmonica (Mike Ballard), Trombone (Nikola Ristevski), Tuba (Mike Damnjanovski), Violin (Maria Grigoryeva) and Cello (Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva).

As you’d expect, the resulting musical arrangements are lush and spellbinding as music greater than the sum of its parts is forged. Wired Magazine once praised The Earthly Frames, saying, “Walsh’s sound is a thick, heavy, and brooding experience pierced with beautifully melodic moments,” and the description is apt.

“This is part of a ten-year project to create an album for ROYGBIV with Black and White. This album is Blue, inspired by my time in the band Timesbold.” – Gabriel Walsh.

The Earthly Frames is known for chameleonic, full-stop stylistic shifts between albums. Their last album was a dark, experimental ambient affair themed on ‘ecosystem degradation and the inevitable environmental collapse.’ This untethered embrace of bold sounds and themes is what sets the project apart from artists who simply forge a signature and tinker with it. Walsh’s work relishes in the profound and the challenging.

Listen to and purchase “Taped Over” on April 3, 2023.

Pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

Musician Names/Instruments:
Gabriel Walsh is The Earthly Frames – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Harmonium, Drums

Graham Hopkins Drums
Neil FitzGibbon Fiddle
Daire Mulhearn Accordion
David Stone Uilleann Pipes
Mike Ballard Harmonica
Nikola Vlekovski French Horn
Nikola Ristevski Trombone
Micko Damnjanovski Tuba
Maria Grigoryeva Violin
Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva Cello

Producer Name(s): Jason Merritt, Gabriel Walsh, Timothy Stollenwerk


1. My Worst Self 04:09
2. For a Blue Girl 04:29
3. A Few Steps 04:34
4. Monocacy 03:53
5. Stay Strangers 03:28
6. Dying, yet Gaming 04:22
7.I rish Goodbye 03:33
8. You Got a New Dog 02:42
9. Pixels 04:13
10. Watch Out for That One 02:32
11. Taped Over 03:47

Press Quotes:
With his band The Earthly Frames, Walsh is constantly devising new ways to create and release music, and choosing subjects for tracks the rest of us may never think about. This creates some truly incredible music, and The Earthly Frames’ new track “A Doorbell for Finite Beings,” is no exception.

“Walsh’s powers of sonic and narrative avant-garde-ism are in their prime.”

“the beauty of the arrangements really comes out, and the album reveals itself to be a piece of work that can be re-visited again and again” – Soundblab 

 “Walsh’s sound is a thick, heavy, and brooding experience pierced with beautifully melodic moments.”


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Artist Biography:

The Earthly Frames is the current musical incarnation of Gabriel Walsh. For  Walsh has been producing experimental pop recordings for decades. He’s played in bands such as sad-songers Timesbold, freaky-improvers Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, and Hebrew space-rockers The Solillians.

With The Earthly Frames, we can hear the through-line of layered, warped sounds that Walsh has been honing for a quarter century, joining up with a fixation on disjointed, fictional worlds. For example, the first Earthly Frames release was a USB drive with a one-of-a-kind narrative fragment. Owners of the devices had to choose whether or not to share their particular artifact with the others to complete the story or keep it to themselves – flipping the notion of music file sharing on its head. The following release came with a card game and short film, all set in the world of a billboard salesman with a nervous breakdown.

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