Toronto’s Delyn Grey with New Single, “Ghost Town”

By on March 15, 2021

Toronto-based alternative singer-songwriter Delyn Grey returns with more music for the doers and deep thinkers. Her new single and video, “Ghost Town” speaks to the impact of isolation. Early in the pandemic, Grey felt there was a need to express the need for the individual to think globally, share, and make a difference.

“I wrote this song two days into quarantine. Feelings of helplessness, shock, and disbelief became suffocating. Funnily enough, this is probably the only “uplifting” and “unifying” song I’ve written. The world is in turmoil. That can’t and should NOT be ignored. We have to do our part in taking this seriously. Use your voices. Not to delegate or to sway opinions, but to optimize this opportunity to share, connect, support and heal. Don’t hide behind your screens and wait for someone else to make the difference, find the answers, and feel the feelings.”

“Ghost Town” begins with a melancholy piano intro leading to Grey’s haunting vocals. There’s an interesting flow of the instrumentation as drums, bass, and electronics are folded in, creating an eerie but ear-catching tune.

The black & white video for “GhostTown” is an ideal complement to the song. As Grey walks the cold and stark streets of a Canadian winter, the vision she paints is of isolation and the need for people to come together. 

No stranger to taking on tough topics, Grey’s first single “Battle” focused on her battle with depression. Her upcoming EP, Disappointment Girl is a continuation of opening her wounds in order to heal. Using her songwriting ability to deal with emotional issues, Grey reveals truth about herself as well as the truth we can all find within. “Music will never be my mask. It has to be me because it’s all that I have to keep that voice in my head from tearing me apart.

Check out the video for “Ghost Town” on YouTube

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