Wayne Merdinger Releases New EP, ‘Troubadour’

By on July 5, 2022

Rock Singer Songwriter Wayne Merdinger‘s latest “Troubadour” EP is thoroughly infused with his own rich musical DNA, including a miraculous origin story tracing back to 1970. Often musicians praise the legacy of their influences, but rarely do they have the opportunity to forge real friendships and fruitful creative collaborations with them. On the captivating “Troubadour” EP, Wayne has done just that.

“I can’t talk about inspiration without mentioning the profound influence that a group of very talented musicians had on me back around 1970. While skipping school and taking a shortcut through the woods one day, my friends and I came upon this long-haired band chilling out on an old motel property that we had thought was abandoned. It was not. The band, called Nebraska Bay, was living in the staff quarters behind the burned-out motel. I soon befriended their leader, Carl Wilkenfeld, and his bandmates, Scott, Ritchie and Jack, and thus began a year-long adventure, where I would get to sit in and listen to them rehearsing the amazing classic rock music they were producing in the basement. At the time, they were frequently going to auditions with major record labels, but to no avail. Carl gave me a few guitar lessons in return for me mowing the grass around the cottage. I eventually lost contact with them and, though, in my humble opinion, they seemed to have been on a track to stardom, they were never to be discovered. One of their songs stuck in my head for over 50 years though. It was called  “The Train Song (I Saw You)” which Carl had written. I’ve been able to recall  the 1st verse, half the 2nd verse, and the chorus, but nothing more.  In 2022, I decided to record the song myself and so I finished the now co-written version by completing the lyrics for the 2nd verse, composing two additional verses, and adding a bridge. That song, as well as “Nebraska Bay,” the song I wrote about them, are on my “Troubadour” EP. Remarkably, I was able to reconnect with Carl during the 2022 “Troubadour” sessions (after I had written “Nebraska Bay”), and we have renewed our 50 year-old friendship. As Carl told me when he first heard from me after all these years, “I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” Music really does bring people together!” – Wayne Merdinger

Inspired by legendary artists of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Wayne Merdinger is a consummate storyteller and an inspired composer, with a musical sound and vocal delivery that complement his repertoire. Wayne’s love of classic 60’s music is a common thread through his work. From going on a private tour of Abbey Road studios in 2014 to recording a song (“I’ll Never Believe You Again” from his first album) with famed record producer Calvin Hayes featuring Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits on backup vocals, Wayne’s path is liberally peppered with surreal nods to this legacy.

The “Troubadour” EP follows three albums and six original singles released since 2016. It is yet another example of Wayne’s heartfelt expression, in a classic rock style, with lyrics that are clear and meaningful, and music that grabs. On top of the incredible full-circle story surrounding “The Train Song” and “Nebraska Bay,” the title track is an autobiographical perspective, “Waiting For the Love” was written about the current situation in Ukraine (Wayne is 25% Ukrainian), “It’s Gonna Be Okay” offers a parent’s perspective on letting go of adult children. 

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Track List

  • It’s Gonna Be Okay
  • Nebraska Bay
  • Poison
  • The Train Song (I Saw You)
  • Waiting For The Love

Artist Bio:
Wayne Merdinger is a singer/songwriter, focused on insightful lyrics and diverse musical compositions that will resonate with those who enjoy heartfelt, classic rock-style ballads with emotional messages. Inspired by legendary artists of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Wayne is a consummate storyteller and an inspired composer, with a musical sound and vocal delivery that complements his repertoire.

After writing songs for more than 25 years, it was Wayne’s children that urged him to start recording professionally.  His first album, “The Music Lives On,” released in 2016, included a number of songs that were written in the 1990’s.  His next album, “Behold the Invisible Man,” featured all new material written in 2017.  His newest album, aptly titled, “Messages,” contains 14 brand new, original tunes and depicts an evolved maturity in songwriting, orchestration and vocal performance.  His latest single releases have continued that legacy, and his 2022 EP, “Troubadour” features six brand new, original compositions with a classic rock vibe.

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